Underage Drinking

This for starters is Illegal and if you are caught can land you with fines or a few days in jail, many teens are compelled to drinking due to the media and the overall appearance that drinking is acceptable and there is nothing wrong with it. Alcohol is the biggest drug problem in South Africa, not weed or methamphetamine or even cocaine. The media shows an image that if you drink you are an “Adult”, an example will be the Castle advert with the proteas all drinking a castle around a braai, a 12 year old boy who loves to play cricket and sees the proteas as his heroes may be confused and start to see from a young age that drinking is socially acceptable. Alcohol advertising shows the glamour of drinking and keeps the long term effects unadvertised, alcoholics, how many people die a year from alcohol, drunk driving, fatal alcohol syndrome and not everyone who gets hit by a drunk driver dies.

As we know that they want to change the legal drinking age to 21 years old, from 18 years old. They might change it but they do, they must remember where there is a demand there is a supply. Bottle stores and pubs do not check ID. How can they change a law that doesn’t work to make it for an older age. If a bottle store does check ID, teenagers will just get a friend whom is legal to buy it.  Teens start drinking because of peer pressure and the fact that our generation is irresponsible. If you don’t drink at a house party people think that you are not cool and that you are a dork or mommy’s boy. As teens we think in the spark of the moment and not about the consequences of our actions, e.g. Getting caught or if they get alcohol poisoning. Parents are never at these parties to see that they do not get out of hand or hurt themselves or hurt others. Alcohol is a drug. They should have a 0 tolerance for drinking and driving.


People drink to find themselves, if you go to a house party and spot the quiet guy sitting down in the corner and just speak to them, within 2 hours and a few beers,  He will tell you everything about his past and may even tell you why they started drinking to kill the pain of his past experiences. I stopped drinking because I really dislike the feeling of not being completely in control. After being tipsy it starts to feel bad (start slurring, can’t walk properly, don’t thing logically, etc). I had drunk quite a lot when I was about 16 years old; I drank a full bottle of vodka 750ml clean, a few beers, and whiskey and sprite. I got so drunk that I crawled to the bathroom and passed out in the bath, I puked all over myself and had a huge hangover for about 2 days. I found that going to a party and not drinking, is much more fun than drinking, all you do is talk to the people who are mellow/ depressed. While everyone gets trashed you are still in control and you avoid a lot of trouble, fights, and dumb things such as jump off of a roof, going to a park and jumping off the swings and pooping on a neighbour’s car or spray deo on yourself and light it and jump in the pool, while on fire. People do a lot of things that they regret in the morning like beer goggles!  People when intoxicated become violent, mellow, happy, sad, depressed, suicidal and brave. Alcohol changes people.

By Ryan Oliver